RAS- Geofencing

A Geofence is a GPS boundary programmed into a drone intended to keep it within a safe zone. It requires a physical GPS module and firmware to monitor the drone’s position and limit its behavior. Touted as a method to keep drones from airports and sensitive areas, mandating geofencing is gaining popularity in legislative bodies. Unfortunately, defeating geofencing is simply a matter of changing firmware or altering the drone’s GPS module.

  • Inexpensive software available on the Internet will erase all limits programmed into a OJI drone.
  • Video tutorials show how drones can be forced into an assisted manual mode with anti-RFID mesh or even aluminum foil.
  • Racing drones do not use GPS and advanced flight controllers are available on-line by the dozens.


  • RAS constantly researches and investigates emerging drone threats to provide timely information to our clients.
  • Our electronics experts understand drone technology to the component level and help our clients make informed decisions .
  • We maintain vetted relationships with the top C-UAS vendors worldwide insuring that the technology agnostic solutions we present are state of the art.
  • Contact RAS to evaluate your firm ‘s airborne vulnerabilities.

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