Security Master Planning + Development

RAS Consulting & Investigations is a full service security firm that partners with clients to create fully secure organizations.

Many of our clients are surprised at the level of detail and expertise that is required to protect a business from both tangible and intangible risks.

The Security Master Planning process is a thorough assessment that uncovers the specific threats that face our clients’ businesses.  We comb through every detail of physical spaces, business policies, investigation practices and business partnerships to ensure that our clients are protected and able to freely conduct business with a sense of control.

We help clients avoid being over-sold and over-scoped, saving them money in the short and long-term.

RAS Provides Complete Outsourced Management

RAS uniquely provides full-service consulting and investigative services to clients.  We are able to serve the full role of an Outsourced Security Leader in an organization and respond to all types of threats, legal and security incidents.

RAS Focuses Solely On Your Needs

RAS refuses incentives from technology and services vendors. We employ this practice to ensure that the choices we make on behalf of our clients are in the best interest of our clients and never of our pocketbooks.

Components of Security Master Planning

Security Master Planning takes into account both tangible and intangible risks. Experts assess workspaces, environmental factors and proximate crime in order to create a mitigation plan.  Many factors related to the office space are taken into account including building plans, layout, installation of technology, ongoing maintenance and support, and depreciation of the assets.

Monitoring is more complex than installing security cameras.  RAS works with clients to establish surveillance strategies that are ethical, legal and effective in strategically collecting data to mitigate specific workplace crimes.

Fraud, theft and sabotage within the workspace can be destructive. RAS works with clients to establish policies and procedures that protect organizations from threats related to unethical relationships.

Guarding from workplace violence includes creating a secure space, implementing operational strategies that minimize disruption during transitions in employment and training employees on conflict and violence.

Data collection around employees and business relationships is an ongoing effort. RAS works with clients to collect digital and physical evidence to protect and prepare for litigation.

Physical Security is not a one and done area of business operations.  Ongoing training keeps employees and leaders up to date on changing policies and regulations related to the management of complex employee situations, as well as prepared for incidents such as Active Shooters.

RAS works directly with IT to select and implement technology solutions in our clients’ physical and online spaces that work collaboratively.

Strategy Wins

Unprepared organizations lose.

  • Failing to document may cost an employer a litigation case
  • Poorly installed technology may result in the breach of a workspace or data center resulting in damage to or theft of client data and property
  • Weak security practices open the door for an increased likelihood of fraudulent behaviors
  • A lack of structure in company policy allows for a hostile work culture that can result in violence and/or litigation
  • Failing to investigate incidents can result in fines and/or reputation damage

Physical security is something that is easy to take for granted until it’s too late.  While cyber crime is on the rise, physical crime has also remained a stable threat.  Smart businesses create ongoing Master Plans that assess and mitigate all kinds of risk to their employees and assets.

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RAS did a fantastic of job of guiding CLC through the complicated decisions we had to make in order to strike just the right balance, promoting both employee safety and a welcoming work space for our staff and clients. Ryan was quick to respond to all of our questions and delivered exactly what was promised.

Leslie Starr Heimov
Executive Director, CLC

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