Outsourced Security Management

Protecting your employees and assets is a very important job and responsibility that you wouldn’t want to give to just anyone. There’s also a significant impact, both financially and liability-wise, managing a company’s security program in-house.

For those reasons, clients turn to the experts at RAS to manage the security practices for their businesses.  Hiring qualified individuals who understand physical security, operations, technology, policy, training and investigations at a leadership level can be difficult and expensive.  Many turn towards an outsourced professional who has the experience to lead, implement and manage whether they are needed on a full or part-time basis.

Ongoing Protection

Organizations of all sizes protect their assets, establish strategy and ultimately save money by appointing a leader to direct their security.  Outsourced Security Management via RAS Consulting & Investigations offers a wide range of business functions through a single point of contact.


  • Maintain physical security strategy and execution ongoing
  • Execute operational plans
  • Maintain awareness and deployment of technology options
  • Create ongoing policies that grow and change with the scale of your organization
  • Provide ongoing training to executives and employees
  • Investigate all incidents to protect the organization on many levels
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RAS did a fantastic of job of guiding CLC through the complicated decisions we had to make in order to strike just the right balance, promoting both employee safety and a welcoming work space for our staff and clients. Ryan was quick to respond to all of our questions and delivered exactly what was promised.

Leslie Starr Heimov
Executive Director, CLC

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