Secure Your Joint

Are you taking proper steps to mitigate risk within your company? What steps should be taken to meet both security best practices and compliance requirements? Hear from industry leaders as they address the most common concerns around risk mitigation as well as recent changes in the regulations that, if not implemented properly, could put your business in jeopardy.

Ryan Schonfeld


As the founder of RAS Consulting & Investigations, Ryan brings to his clients a rich body of work that has demonstrated expertise in security, investigations, police service, teaching & instruction, work with the U.S. State Department as well as leadership in Corporate America. From Fortune 500 companies and global, publically-traded, cannabis companies to a single location operations, Ryan and his team bring best-in-class security expertise to the cannabis industry while providing comprehensive solutions, including security plans, application support, and procedure development, to ensure that clients are compliant and secure. 

Corey Tobin


Corey Tobin is lead of Bolton's Cannabis Practice. He's on the leading edge of helping Cultivators, Manufactures and distributors navigate the complex insurance and legal landscape to protect their business and employees. Corey is actively involved in the insurance committee for the California Cannabis Industry Association. With close to a decade of insurance industry experience, Corey has worked with a number of small and large businesses and is knowledgeable about property and casualty, life and health insurance. He routinely blogs and speaks on panels that are setting the course for the cannabis industry.

Aaron Lachant


Aaron Lachant has been at the forefront of the marijuana industry since 2009. By solving novel and complex regulatory, compliance and licensing issues, Aaron has kept his clients, including approximately 45 of the 135 originally legalized dispensaries in Los Angeles under Proposition D (legislation he co-authored), in business and flourishing. Combining Aaron’s pioneering experience getting marijuana businesses permitted with his adroit navigation of a regulatory landscape in flux, has made him the go-to attorney for legal cannabis advice.

Secure Your Joint Webinar

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Secure Your Joint Webinar:



  • The cameras do not have a clear, unobstructed view of all activity without sight blockage.  
  • All records applicable to the surveillance system are not maintained on the licensed premises.  
  • The licensee does not have a current list of authorized employees and service personnel who have access to the surveillance system.  
  • The licensee does not maintain a diagram of the surveillance camera locations, direction of coverage, and assigned camera numbers.  
  • The video surveillance system does not have an “active” notification system for interruptions and failures (cannot be email or web-based alerts)

Source: Adherance SCORE App